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RentConnect is Good for Business: Meet landlord Sammy Hernandez and learn about renting to low-income tenants

We interviewed one of our newest landlords, Sammy Hernandez, to explore his experience with RentConnect and turn from his career as an international professional basketball player to a RentConnect Real Estate partner.

Secrets to Winning the Homeless Sensitivity Poster and Essay Contest

The Poster and Essay Contest is open to MDCPS students. Winners and their teachers can receive up to $300 in prizes this year.

Cutler Bay’s “Hideaways by the Bay"

Hideaways by the Bay is part of the Homeless Trust’s renovation and acquisition strategy to help create housing for extremely low-income individuals and families. Here’s more on the newest property.

What happened when a Miami-Dade County Public School teacher called the Homeless Trust

G. Holmes Braddock High School teacher is fine-tuning her approach to teaching about homelessness in the classroom and the results are stellar

Moshe Popack with YMP Real Estate Management: "Working with the Homeless Trust is Good for Business"

Private real estate firm says Homeless Trust relationship is good for business and good for the soul.

Roxana Solano: The Woman at the Heart of the New Home for Senior Citizens Experiencing Homelessness

At Mia Casa, the Trust’s new bridge housing project for homeless adults 65 and older, there is a contagious energy credited to Roxana Solano.

Rudy Hernandez: Finding Those Who Are Lost to Care

Outreach care specialist Rudy Hernandez stays positive because he knows he’s part of a unique collaboration caring for unsheltered HIV/AIDS patients.

Homeless Trust Acquires its First Senior Citizen Living Facility

The community celebrates the newly acquired bridge housing for adults 55+.

How the Homeless Trust will use $21M in newly awarded federal funding

Homeless Trust was selected to receive a $21 million grant to help get homeless individuals housed.

An Actual Home For The Holidays

For those who find themselves homeless and feeling hopeless during the holiday season sometimes miracles appear in the midst of so much uncertainty.

2022 YVAC Summit, When Youth Exact Change

Miami-Dade’s affordable housing crisis took center stage at this year’s Youth Voice Action Council (YVAC) Summit.

Every Landlord Will Want a Millie!

Every landlord will want a Milagros “Millie” Rodriguez! A Housing Navigator is crucial to ending homelessness in Miami-Dade.

A model to be replicated throughout the country

In the U.S… “almost 500,000 people sleep on our streets every single night. It is a travesty. It is a failure of effort and a failure of will. And so, I am so pleased to see here how successful they have been, and it is a model I would like to replicate throughout the country.”

George Galindo’s journey to housing took 11 years. Learn his story.

Thanks to Continuum, George now has a place to call home.

Meet Landlord Miguel Ramos: How Housing Homeless Trust Clients is Good for Business

Landlord Miguel Ramos shares how working with the Trust has warmed his heart.

Facing Homelessness? Eviction?

The Homeless Trust works with Camillus House to ensure people facing homelessness due to eviction can find a place to call home.

Landlords: Housing our Clients is Good Business!

The landlord shares how partnering with the Trust has changed her outlook on homelessness and helped her maintain a healthy business.

Get a leg up on the 2022 Homeless Sensitivity Poster and Essay Contest; Apply Now

This contest gives students across Miami-Dade County the opportunity to brainstorm meaningful solutions that address the causes of homelessness, overcome negative stereotypes and create compassion for our county's homeless.

Lessons Learned: One grassroots organization fine-tunes its approach to homelessness

Hermanos De La Calle is a living, breathing helpline that works on the ground with the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust to render safe housing, mental and emotional support and more.

Homeless Awareness Day 2021

Homeless Awareness Day 2021 (HAD) unifies schools, faith-based communities, thought leaders, government entities, and non-profits in a full day of programming to raise awareness of homelessness.

One-on-One with Radio Personality Kimmy B.

Popular radio personality Kimmy B talks about what her work with Homeless Awareness Day has taught her about homelessness.

When the Safety Net for Unsafe Structures is Left Hanging

The Surfside condominium collapse tragedy prompted increased scrutiny on unsafe residential buildings throughout Miami-Dade.

A Day in the Life of a Greenshirt: Meet 25-Year Outreach Veteran, Willie Harris

After 25 years with the County, Greenshirt Willie Harris is about to retire, but don't think for a second, he is leaving his work forever.

A Day in the Life of a Greenshirt: Clifford

Although Clifford Wilson deals with the toughest of tough, his smile reveals a soft heart and persistent spirit that makes him crucial to the Trust’s street outreach strategy.

A Day in the Life of a Greenshirt: Sergio

Outreach workers are an important access point for those experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade.

Do homeless individuals get stimulus checks?

The Homeless Trust has also partnered with local agencies and providers to assist those in a shelter and on the streets, who may be unsure of how to access their Economic Impact Payments (EIP).

A Day in the Life of a Greenshirt

We interviewed Maxie Espinosa, a City of Miami homeless outreach worker. She talks about the responsibilities, joys, and hardships that come with her job.

Evictions leading to homelessness – what to know and how to apply for assistance

The Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust is coordinating the use of CARES Act Emergency Solutions Grant funding and other available funding sources to provide rent and mortgage assistance to individuals and families who are most in need.

Donate Now: Averting a crisis among homeless senior citizens

One out of every five persons experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade County is over the age of 55.

So you want to volunteer for the holidays?

This time of year we are often asked by the community, “what can I do to help?” It’s a great question, and it never ceases to amaze us just how many caring folks reach out and ask this of us every year. We’ve provided a few helpful tips and ideas for volunteering over the holidays. 

Homeless Trust continues robust COVID-19 testing and tracing program

Tests administered across the continuum by the Homeless Trust and its partners since April 1st have resulted in a 2 percent infection rate.

Price’s Story: How One Student Facing Homelessness Overcame the Odds

I see God’s relentless pursuit of me, my family and I have great hope for my future.

Formerly homeless teen inspires community after winning essay contest

Elletlia Addison-Phelps won the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust’s 2018 essay contest for lived experience.