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Homeless Trust Landlord Resources

Connecting with tenants through the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust is good business. We:

  • Keep properties full and rents paid
  • Pre-screen tenants
  • Help landlords save on turnover costs through practical problem-solving support
  • Protect real estate investment with annual unit inspections
  • Offer security deposit support and other incentives

If you are a landlord and want to list your propety with us please email:

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  1. We work with you to develop screening criteria that are important to you while reducing barriers that might hamper our households from residing in your property.
  2. Based on the screening criteria for your property, we will match a housing-ready household to your available unit.
  3. Our Continuum of Care housing navigators assist you and the household during your application, lease-up and move-in process. Navigators work directly with the program staff responsible for initiating rent payments and a security deposit if the household cannot cover their own. Navigators even accompany our households to visit the property and meet you or your property manager face-to-face.
  4. After the tenant moves in, a Continuum of Care housing provider works with your tenant to ensure that the household meets your expectations: (a) pay their rent on time; (b) take care of the unit and (c) be a good neighbor to your other tenants.
  5. The provider, as part of their housing support role, is available to landlords. The provider can identify or be alerted to a problem that the tenant must resolve to be that good tenant you want. Landlords are encouraged to call the assigned housing provider directly if there are any tenant or rent subsidy issues that they are unable to sufficiently address directly with the tenant.
  6. The Homeless Trust provides landlords with conflict resolution assistance to work through immediate and urgent issues if needed.
  7. To get started, call Paul Imbrone, Director, Landlord Recruitment and Housing Procurement, at 305-546-8803 or email