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Homless Trust

Averting a crisis among homeless senior citizens

Help end senior citizens’ homelessness in Miami-Dade County

Homeless Trust continues robust COVID-19 testing and tracing program

Tests administered across the continuum by the Homeless Trust and its partners since April 1st have resulted in a 2 percent infection rate.

Do homeless individuals get stimulus checks?

The Homeless Trust has also partnered with local agencies and providers to assist those in a shelter and on the streets, who may be unsure of how to access their Economic Impact Payments (EIP).

Evictions leading to homelessness – what to know and how to apply for assistance

The Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust is coordinating the use of CARES Act Emergency Solutions Grant funding and other available funding sources to provide rent and mortgage assistance to individuals and families who are most in need.

Homeless or about to be?

Call our Homeless Helpline for assistance.

Call 1-877-994-4357


Individuals in Continuum

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COVID positivity rate


Homeless tested for COVID

What's Your Homeless Awareness

Find out how much do you know about Miami-Dade's homeless population.
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