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Homeless people in tents are assisted with excessive heat.

Miami Dade County Homeless Trust announces protective measures for those experiencing homelessness during excessive heat events

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Protecting unsheltered individuals from extreme heat

From North Miami to Miami Beach to Homestead, Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust outreach teams are engaging with people experiencing homelessness and seeking to meet their immediate needs related to the extreme heat. Outreach teams are handing out safety tip flyers along with bottles of water and other heat relief supplies and directing individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness to cooler center locations like libraries and community centers.

During heat advisories and warnings, Homeless Trust-contracted providers Camillus House and Miami Rescue Mission are extending hours at the day center and indoor feeding location, respectively. These programs provide additional cooling center options for unsheltered persons seeking relief from the heat.

Members of the public are encouraged to support the Homeless Trust during the summer heat. Needs include:

  • Donations of water, electrolyte-based drinks or powers, emergency ice packs and cooling towels.
  • Spaces that could be used as cooling centers, including places of worship or other cooled indoor spaces.

Tips for people experiencing homelessness:

  1. Keep abreast of local weather alerts, including extreme heat advisories and warnings.
  2. Follow heat safety tips, like staying hydrated during the hottest parts of the day. Find shade or respite at cooling centers, including public libraries and community centers at local parks. Camillus House and Miami Rescue Mission are also serving as cooling centers.
  3. Know the signs of heat-related illnesses and seek help if needed.