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Palm tree and text Hideaways by the Bay

Cutler Bay’s “Hideaways by the Bay"

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The Trust is acquiring La Quinta in Cutler Bay. How will the Trust use this property?

On July 14, 2023, Miami-Dade County received a signed offer to purchase a hotel property located at 10821 Caribbean Blvd., Cutler Bay, Florida 33189 with the intent of converting it to housing for persons within Miami-Dade County’s Continuum of Care, including persons who are disabled and seniors experiencing homelessness. The existing property includes 107 rooms, each with a bathroom, which can accommodate singles and/or couples. The property has shared laundry facilities, a security system, and a common breakfast area. The Homeless Trust intends to install kitchenettes within each room to create studio apartments. 

Is this the first such property the Trust is managing?

No. The Trust owns other properties throughout Miami-Dade County similar to this, and is identifying, acquiring and renovating additional properties like this one to address the housing affordability crisis in Miami-Dade. We contract with housing and service providers to help us provide additional services to tenants. 

Most recently, the Homeless Trust acquired a property in North Miami which is serving older adults ages 65 and older. It’s celebrated as a model of excellence and has provided housing to nearly 120 elderly men and women. 

Why were we not notified this was going on?

The Homeless Trust has been talking about its acquisition and renovation strategy for over two years, including at publicly noticed meetings. 

Is this a homeless shelter?

No, this is not a homeless shelter. Tenants will sign a lease agreement. Tenants will pay rent. It is permanent rental housing. 

Who will be managing the property?

To further support people living within the studio apartments envisioned, the Homeless Trust will competitively select a supportive services provider to provide case management and connect tenants with transportation, education, health and financial services, as needed. 

How much will this reduce homelessness in Cutler Bay?

During our most recent census, 67 people experiencing unsheltered homelessness were enumerated south of Kendall Drive to the Monroe County line. That is a year over year decrease of 28% in South Miami-Dade. We have worked cooperatively with municipalities, businesses and other agencies to realize these reductions.

Will you have security on the property?

The property has a security system in place. The operations budget includes security guard services as well.

Why did you choose that location?

The property is within Miami-Dade County’s Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan corridor, with close proximity to transit hubs, retail and other essential services. The project, dubbed Hideaways by the Bay, will align and seamlessly integrate with the re-envisioned Town Center district, which will integrant shops, restaurants, services, workplaces, civic and higher density housing in a pedestrian-oriented environment.

When will the property go on-line?

Our goal is to begin lease up and operations no later than December 31, 2024.

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